The Year of India

2010 has been the year of Facebook. The social networking site is now challenging Google for web supremacy, something that Microsoft and Yahoo could not do together. It even had a blockbuster Hollywood release based on it. In year 2010 India too created a profile on Facebook.  These are some of the comments from the wall, and responses to status updates.

India Status Update: We are world’s largest democracy and we are proud to lead the global economic recovery. There are lessons that the world economy can learn from us on regulation and governance

US President: Jai Hind India. We have been suffering from slowdown, our industrial growth is in trouble and unemployment rate is not coming down. Can you help us generate more jobs in US. I am coming down to India to pitch for jobs. BTW full support on the sec council aspirations

China Premier: India, you are an amazing success story, and we too want to learn how to make currency more stable, and progress more inclusive. China too supports your Sec Council dream!

Russia PM: Now that US and China have been to our old friends party, we too are joining you in celebrating the great Indian march of progress

India Status Update: Proud to host US, China and Russia in the same year. It does not happen often. Our special thanks also to France and South Korea who enjoyed our hospitality. And to Germany and Belgium who hosted us.

India Status Update: We have a robust automobile market, our market is growing year on year and our expanding road network will fuel demand. We are a unique country though; we are more demanding, evaluative and excitable.

Ford: We heard you India, we and thank you for a very warm response to Figo. We will continue to push for more designed for India cars.

Toyota: We realize what you are saying India. We are bringing in a special car designed for your roads. And it’s not a dumbed down Toyota, but a smartly designed Toyota

Honda: We may be late, but we heard you, you will fall in love with our cute new designed for India car

India Status Update: Dear Ford, Toyota and Honda, thank you for listening, but remember we are the toughest automobile market, and success is not easy

India Status Update: CWG has been a roaring success. We have shown the world that we can host a spectacular event at global stage. Congratulations to all our sports stars for the medal rush

Indian 1: Dear India, we don’t need to be last minute kings all the time. Why can’t we be a role model in organizing excellence too?

Indian 2: We need to ensure transparency in all what we do. Successful hosting should not mean we let the corrupt get away with the booty. The guilty must be punished, and lets ensure we don’t repeat this ever

India Status Update: Saddened by the lack of ethics with the journalists. Why should they let commercial greed overtake their duty of being a watchdog?

Indian: We are losing faith in big name journalist. What is interesting is that journalist exposed journalist. There must be hope for journalism in that case

Indian: This paid news biz should be stopped immediately. Can we not form legislation to stop this?

Indian: The news channels are losing their groove. They need to remember what their purpose in life is!

India Status Update: Congratulations Sachin. You scaled a peak that the world didn’t even know existed!

1Bn Indians like this

India Status Update: Why can’t our parliamentarians sit down and behave in the house? This is not what we teach our children in school!

1 bn Indians are fed up with this

Indians: Can we reduce the number of MP’s. We are working fine without them?

1 Bn Indians like this

India Status Update: Ayodhya Verdict is a big step forward in building harmony and peace in India. India is for all Indians, and we can make an example out of the verdict

India: Agrees with verdict and also disagrees with verdict


India Status Update: We have had a rocking 2010. May the next decade be the decade of India




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