AdStand: BA, Tinder, Nivea and delightful syrupy Hershey

This week, British Airways has been making the whole world teary eyed. There have been millions of views and BA seems to be riding the wave of goodwill. The soppy tale of granny, her business class travel, and her welcoming home the airhostess is something that is neither a fresh tale nor a fresh execution, but somehow the patriotic feeling that the six-and-a-half-minute commercial evokes is working for the brand. #FuelledByLove, I am sure everyone is running to buy business class tickets to London!

If you have been moved by the real life story, do check out this page.

They are overwhelming favourites of everyone currently. May be I am too hardnosed to have missed the love completely. BA’s claim they have been all about love for India since 1924 is one irony that seems to have escaped everybody.

Staying on the long format ads that are currently in vogue, there is a new one from Tinder that is getting huge traction across the worldwide web. Eat, Pray, Swipe is the new tale told by The Viral Factory. In a country where the matchmaking activity is an exclusive domain of elders, Tinder and its likes are actively challenging the norm. Tinder puts women in charge of the mating game, and this video is a hilarious take on what happens when cool, calm women swipe right or left and the clueless men are struggling to cope with it. If you haven’t, then watch it here.


Ask Me Bazaar, the online portal that sells everything across the board, has just released a new TVC featuring Kangana Ranaut for its grocery business. Ask Me Bazaar has a unique tone of voice; it swings between bizarre to outrageous and is difficult to fathom what the brand wants to achieve. This TVC has Kangna learning and torturing everyone around her with her really outrageous dance performance. Why is the song on a new scale of music or why is the dance on an undefined dance floor is something only Kangana can answer.


The big news in the ad is that while everyone is humouring Kangana, the delivery boy who comes with two branded polythene bags knows what Kangana wants him to do, and does it with élan. There is a nice touch in the ad by having the delivery professional wear ear plugs. If anything, the delivery professional knows how to deal with sticky clients and over the top situations. If you have to watch this ad, watch it for the delivery boy. On another note, why is the delivery in polythene bags?

There is a delightful new TVC from Nivea. Nivea released a long-format #BanBodyOdour branded content featuring Suresh Menon as the fiery news anchor.

The long-format ad is a hilarious take on how news channels create talking heads and debate every mundane thing under the sun. Nivea has now extended the same to a hilarious new TVC. Deodorant as a category is stuck in one groove, and Nivea has successfully created a new narrative. Nivea has a new age take on what happens when men raise their arm and how this has led to creation of new ways of greeting. They have taken it back to origination of mankind.


It’s not that creating emotional tales is a prerogative of India. Hershey’s in the US has released a new ad called “Hello happy, Hello Hershey’s” that is doing extremely well for the brand. The cardboard cutout dad and his clever daughter is an interesting take on what happens in modern busy lives.

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