Adstand: A peep into Superbowl 2016

Superbowl is the world championship of American Football, a game that only Americans play. Superbowl is also the circus of advertising. At $5Million for a spot, it is where best and biggest get showcased  Apple telecast its landmark TVC for Macintosh just once in Superbowl in1984. Brands give their arm and leg to be there on the Superbowl Sunday.

USA Today runs an online measurement of how the consumers received the TV ads telecast on Superbowl and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10. The ads are then rated 1 to 50 depending on scores given by AdMeter. I am using the same ratings as the order to list the commercials. The whole ranking is here (


Hyundai released 4 ads this weekened, and the Kevin Hart featuring ( won the Superbowl sweepstakes. The First Date is as filmy as it can get and could be so Indian too. The TVC is a simple tale of how a car can be tracked all the time using just a Smart Watch. The cuteness overload has worked for the TVC


A bunch of hot dogs (cute dachshunds) make a mad dash for bottles of Ketchup in this spot for Heinz ( Combination of loveable dogs and a relentless focus on the product seems to have worked for the ad. All I know now is that Americans love their Ketchup and their Hot Dogs


Doritos is an old hand at creating winning Superbowl advertising. This year they climbed to number three with this tale of unborn baby and his love for Doritos ( Doritos is now so popular that expecting mom and dads discuss it so much that the baby in womb craves for it. Made me remember the story of Abhimanyu and the Chakravyūha!


Doritos has another winner in this little tale of Dogs and their plan to lay hands on some Doritos. Dogs and humor ( has been doing the trick for Doritis for long, it has done it again.



Hyundai is winning US in a big way, and this supercute RyanVille ( featuring Ryan Reynolds and a host of Ryan Reynolds is in fifth pace. Ryan and pedestrian detection technology in all new Hyundai Elantra is a traffic stopper.


Hyundai is at it again. Revenant inspired Bears and two humans running away from start the car by just speaking to their smart watch. Either the bears or the smart watch or both put together have taken the brand to top of pops. The chatter between the two bears ( at the end of chase is actually more hilarious and adds to the whole experience.


Singing sheep, talking sheep dog ( and a truck that has an audio streaming in truck bed too is in top ten. How did Honda manage this? The Ridgeline Truck is not the best looking Honda, nor is the TVC the usual Honda commercial. Somehow it wins


Audi R8 is a rocket (, it can chase the moon, it can put a smile on an ex Astronaut’s lips is a classic Audi commercial. The seriously good looks of the new R8 add to the whole feel of the TVC. Audi has been true to the brand, marries speed with enjoyment.


Award winning Helen Mirren berates you for 60 seconds ( just about to grab a Budweiser, as she says nice and cold. This is a compelling take on drivers who drink and drive and don’t give a damn. The commercial asks people to #giveadamn and behave. The typical caustic British humour goes a long way in making the commercial likeable. Now who can say this with elan “If your brain was donated to science, science would give it back”. Savage and compelling.


Toyota makes it to top ten with its Longest Chase for Prius ( Four bumbling robbers use the Prius as the getaway car and end up earning lot more than expected respect from cops and society. The bumbling thieves discover many innovative feature of the car and eventually evade the cops. Let’s go Places says the brand, ‘like jail’ says a user on their YT channel. The brand though could have done far better on a car like Prius.


If you go though all the commercials telecast on the circus, this much is clear, America loves animals, even more than it loves celebs. There were 60 commercials on Superbowl, 50 had animals in it.

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