AdStand: Featuring Ranveer Singh

Ching’s Secret, Durex, Rupa Underwear, Maruti Ciaz, Myntra’s Roadster, Royal Stag, Set Wet Deo, Adidas, Colagate Max Fresh and Make My Trip are disparate bunch of brands. They have nothing in common but for their brand ambassador Ranveer Singh.

The new Colgate Max Fresh featuring Ranveer Singh ( has super energetic Ranveer in a red jacket blowing red confetti all over the streets with a unique dance. This is a regular toothpaste ad, promises freshness, builds on red colour as branding and would have got lost in clutter but for Ranveer. He adds a huge dose of swagger to the commercial. He turns a fairly ordinary script into something that is watchable.

The new Set Wet Deo ad ( urges men to be sexy. This too is the usual deo ad, men with deo sprayed liberally all over and smell so good that girls stop in track and feel attracted to the good looking guy. At 2.2 million views on YT in just two weeks, it looks like that the ad has hit sweet spot with its audience. He brings in some raw charm into the body language. For a brand that is built on raw masculinity Ranveer adds a bit of softness and takes the rough edge away from the narrative. Set Wet has led the deo category with the boy gets girl narrative for many years. The brand has a new shine thanks to Ranveer. Like the Colgate ad it is Ranveer that makes a difference, to an otherwise usual undifferentiated script

These two are on top of the two new TVC released by Make My Trip featuring Ranveer and Alia Bhat. There too there is a certain body language that is infused by Ranveer that makes the ads stand out. Despite the signature style and swagger, Ranveer is not able to lift the ads above being mediocre. Not everything can be left to the brand ambassadors to salvage.

Let’s pull back a bit, there are two ads that we should look at. One is the Ching Secret’s May Name is Ranveer Ching song ( and the other is the Do the Rex for Durex ( These two launched Ranveer as the brand endorser and both worked very well for his legend. I have no idea if it worked for the brands, I would presume it did. The two ads had a new style that India hadn’t seen till date. It was unconventional, broke the tradition and India had a brand endorser who was massy first. When he did Rupa Frontline ( ) he took that style quotient a notch up. It was for Ciaz where he went all serious and uppity but still had that mischievousness in his eyes that gave the brand certain likeability.

What Ranveer has brought to the ad world is what can be called as Ranveer tone of voice. It is unique, it is different, it is massy, and yet not massy, and a certain charm that is lacking with most brand ambassadors today. There is only one another endorser who lends his unique stamp to the brands he works with, that is Irffan Khan. Irffan brings in wit; Ranveer brings in in your face attitude.

There are many brands that can do with the Ranveer tone of voice, and I suspect there are brands looking to exploit this. Its time brands did look at new tonality. Backed by strong appeals, Ranveer tone of voice can make brands a winner

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