I am two decade old in the communication and marketing industry. I currently head strategy for a large MNC communication group in India. This blog has a collection of articles written by me for various publications. Do leave a comment if anything makes you think deeply and stimulates your grey cells

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  1. Hi Naresh,
    I am a student at the MBA program at Nottingham University. While doing some research for a Marketing project based on Brand Rajnikanth, I came across your blog about the same. I would be really interested in connecting with you and getting some more insight of what you think about the same. I am sure it will be a great experience connecting with you considering your vast experience in the marketing industry.

    Looking forward to your response. Further on I would wish to share my views and would be interesting in asking you certain questions about my topic of research. Do let me know how you think about it.

    Best Regards,
    Ayush Khandelwal
    MBA Candidate at Nottingham University.
    United Kingdom


    • What incentives would the bodras use to prevent players participating in the IPL. Even few Aussie players chose to play in the IPL teams for Champions league instead of their home teams. IPL is quick money for them for doing squat, and usually players who are in the national side are hired by the IPL. Players want to make good money like everyone else, they make hardly any money in the first place. So there is a pressure from players as well on the bodras to let them participate, NZ for example. What happens if good players refuse and opt for IPL like Chris Gayle. So it is a tricky situation for the bodras, not to mention most bodras want to remain on the good side of their masters BCCI, some even scared. Should they maybe, can they not as easy. Ultimately the choice is players country or quick buck, up to the individual to decide. Ultimately there has to be some boundaries I agree, a clear desire and willingness. And must always expect country over money. It is there country in the first place that they are making that quick bucks in the IPL.


  2. Hi Naresh,
    A question that has been killing me ever since i stumbled upon your post..what’s with the “google” alias of your’s???!!
    Just a curious question.Hope you don’t mind.Thanks.


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