Naxals or politicians who is the villain?

The Naxals today assassinated a helpless and unarmed Policeman in Bihar. Nothing can be more cowardly than shooting your own country man in name of ideology or struggle or perceived injustice. As an Indian it should get your blood boiling and hang your head in shame.

Surprisingly this is not what our politicians feel. Watching them react on the tragedy will make you wonder about our own culture. Amazingly it is the people in power who have displayed extreme insensitivity towards what is happening. Probably there in lies the tale of the issues we are facing as ordinary citizens.

Take a look at what some of the leading lights have been saying.

First look at what the BJP chief of Bihar has to say. He says that he does not have the facilities that a chief minister has, and its not his job to think about the welfare of the policeman. He is not paid to do thinking for people. and saying so he has a smirk on his face. What about being a public servant?

Than there is the Chief Minister of the state who is not only an extremely qualified and educated gentleman, displays mind numbing insensitivity towards the whole affair and calls himself helpless. To see him not even condemn the act is like watching Pakistan cricket team defending its players

These two are mere politicians and they like any politician have multiple meanings for what they say and what they don’t. Possibly they know what needs to be done and possibly they are trying to do something. May be I am just being charitable

The real gem in this saga is Swami Agnivesh. This is the gentleman who has built his career as a social activist raising issues that matter and connect with public. On a TV channel during a debate he very skillfully deflected the whole issue and almost justified the killing of the policeman. Wonder why would he not stand up for the slain policeman who is braver than any Naxalite whose brief is carried by Mr. Agnivesh?

The trouble is that our political scene is now getting extremely insensitive and impolite. To hear Mr Modi say that even if the PM sweeps the floor of stadiums they wont be ready in time for CWG can only be described as height of impoliteness.

Is it that today a politicians believe that they wont connect with their constituency until they are not impolite, curt, rude and insensitive? And possibly the media specially the electronic ones believes that they too need to be loud and be insensitive to get the eyeballs?

The most cowardly act of the Naxalites can have a positive impact. Its upto us, the ordinary citizens of India to ensure that our politicians, social activists and the journalist become sensitive, responsible and see beyond their narrow constituencies. Afterall we deserve the leadership we get.

Till than we will have to bear the cross of two groups of citizens of same country going after each other.

Lets condemn the cowardly act in as many ways as we can.

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