Colors, Diamonds, Bathing and Films

The master and his apprentice have come together to launch an English language entertainment channel with the promise of “new horizon”.  Gorgeously shot and mounted, the commercial does paint a very luxuriant picture. The commercial is stunning in its visual appeal, builds the new channel as one of the most desirable channels on offer today. By bringing on board two icons of two different times – one that created sensation 20 years ago and other who is the sensation currently – the channel is cleverly trying to widen its appeal. Curation is a new trend that the channel has introduced to its audience; it does create a sense of variety in the offering. Colors Infinity has created a great sense of expectation.

Buying jewellery online is slowly becoming the new way to buy expensive metal and stones. Bluestone (  is among the early movers in this space. The new commercial it has released is about “romance of browsing jewellery”.

Liril rolled back decades and brought the famous 1985 waterfall back. Liril for years was built on one single act of taking bath, full of escape from reality, sinking into the private world of solitude. The brand brought that very feeling back, in its full glory, hoping a completely new set of audience also gets mesmerised by the brand.

While at taking bath, there is a new brand of bathware called Queo, endorsed by Jacquelin Fernandes. The commercial is all about luxuriant, unabashed bathing experience. The 75-second long format commercial is all about showcasing the product, its features and its premiumness.

Liril and Queo, both are built on the same insight, both are made extremely well, one has signature style, the other is building its own. Yet Liril wins this battle of bathing hands down. Liril is the ultimate showcase for the act of bathing, focused, uncluttered, involving. May be Queo has too many layers in its story that take away from the appeal, may be it tried too hard.

The piece that has dominated the news this week is the short film ‘Ahalya’ and its lead actor Radhika Apte. ‘Ahalya’ is part of the sponsored by Royal Stag. Royal Stag has been investing in branded content through its platform, Royal Stag Mega Movies. The platform has produced some very good short films; ‘Ahalya’ seems to have hit the jackpot for them, especially with acclaimed director Sujay Ghosh at the helm.

Long format is now becoming almost the standard for brands, with digital medium becoming the showcase destination. Despite the luxury of longer format, brands do need to focus on what it wants to convey. The better way to leverage the ability of online world is to break away from the traditional advertising and go the content way. ‘Ahalya’ should start a new trend.


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